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Spend Smart To Earn Cash Back

Cash back is a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products. The buyers will be given a cash refund after they have made a purchase of a certain item. It is a perk offered by many credit card companies and it is a form of earning back a small percentage of the money spent using your credit card. Some credit companies are coming up with more opportunities to get their card holders to spend more by giving more cash back opportunities through their promotions and online sales offers.

Smart spenders are opting for cash back credit card for everyday purchases instead of using cash or debit cards with hardly anything to offer at all. They have found out an easy way to enjoy greater rewards by using credit cards that offers cash back incentives. But credit card companies are smart too and they place a limit or cap on a certain amount you spent to earn cash back.

One of the best cashback app, Spentapp enables freelancers and business owners to manage all their expenses, both their personal and their business using their smartphone. With this app, you can get rewarded with 25% cash back on your purchases. The cash back amount is automatically added to your account. You can even reap cash back benefits from booking of hotels and car rentals for your business. With this app, you are able to earn up to 6% in cash back when you booked a hotel stay. You will get to enjoy your holiday and earn some rewards at the same time.

The Spentapp is designed taking your busy schedule into consideration and it is hassle free for the users. This app automatically reveals your credit card’s spending in the real time and prompt you to organize them by category for easy references. It is able to documents both your business and personal expenses. Shopping online with Spentapp rewards you a cash back of 25% on many everyday purchases. There is a user friendly cash back feature that comes with the app

It is not limited to online purchases. With this app, you are able to enjoy a meal with your business partner and also enjoy the restaurant cash back. You can just log into Spentapp, choose a restaurant that offers cash back near you. Then you can wine and dine with your client and also earn your reward. You can choose to download for iOS or Android devices.