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The Future Of Reselling Technologies

With local markets drying up and becoming oversaturated, technology resellers are searching for greener pastures. With prospective clients like cloud-based service providers putting roots down in other countries and in need of IT infrastructure, exporting equipment internationally is beginning to look like an attractive route. However, the main concern is how tedious cross-border transactions can become without having the logistical expertise, which often makes resellers hesitant to take the leap.

The future of value-added reselling lies in the international market, but unfortunately these potential business relationships are often stopped in their tracks. This is because customs personnel at virtually every border take the clearance of sensitive goods seriously. Technologies must be cleared through special data centres and accompanied by a variety of papers including a commercial invoice, freight delivery waybill, licences, permits, certifications, and other forms of customs support documentation. With every country holding itself to different standards, rules and regulations, the process is compounded further when shipping to multiple places.

Furthermore, because there is no traditional customer taking responsibility for the special goods once they’re cleared, resellers must ensure they partner with an importer of record who has a point of presence in the foreign country they are shipping to. The importer must also be a local tax paying entity of that country. Taxation of goods alone, not to mention the risk of delays, and additional charges is enough to deter resellers from forming global business partnerships but a strong and resourceful importer of record will be the key behind bringing these relationships to fruition.

Import records can be complicated which is why it pays to partner up with an expert in the field, and TecEx is one company that specializes in the compliant clearance of value-added goods, and can guarantee it in over 120 countries. Their knowledge and expertise regarding what types of documentation each country requires, and which directions to take to fast track the process assures their clients clearance in under two weeks. This further allows resellers to strengthen relationships with their clients overseas as goods will never be subject to a delay.

Another unique facet of this company’s service is that they’re able to retrieve import taxes back for their clients in under 6 months from at least 40 of the countries with which they hold a point of presence, including value-added tax which can make up to 25% of the goods’ total commercial value.  They moreover can help to retrieve customs tax, co-locations tax and taxes on the local purchasing of equipment potentially saving their clients thousands of dollars.

When the future of reselling lies overseas, don’t allow a frustrating process to prevent you from fostering important relationships with clients that are in the process of growing their enterprises, and who will be doing so for the foreseeable future. With cloud-based services in demand all over the globe, emerging companies will only start to follow in the footsteps of international media giants like Facebook, Netflix and YouTube. They too will require the tools to transmit strong signals for the benefit of their users and by showing you’re reliable, your reselling company will start on the path of progress with them.