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When Does My Child Need To Have A Social Security Card?

There is a lot of excitement when you welcome a newborn baby. A new family member entails that you make various adjustments so that the newborn baby can fit in. At one point you will even have to change your daily routine. It never matters if you are already experienced in this or whether it’s your first born baby. Being aware of every detail and all crucial stuff can entail attempting to coordinate your daily routine, sleep schedules, getting to know which diaper size fits your young one and what prime time you should change the baby.

Additionally, you have to be aware of the nutrition formula plan that is best for your newborn. Right from birth, you also have to organize the baby’s documents. No matter how effortless it sounds, it will consume a ton of your energy and time. Getting lost in these special moments is very easy. It’s also effortless to push aside all the fun stuff that you used to do before. This time around you find everything about your newborn fun and engaging.

Special appointments like birth certificates, enrolling your newborn for an insurance plan and getting a social security card for your infant is all important. As a new mother, it can be challenging as you are not aware of where to start. In this text, we will attempt to break down the process that you need to undertake and also answer some of the questions that may be bothering you.

How can you acquire a social security card for your baby?

A commonplace that all expectant mothers deliver their newborn especially in the United States is in a recognized hospital or a certified labour delivery health institution. At these institutions, new and experienced parents are usually asked to fill in a birth registration document. A birth registration document comprises of all the required data the health facility authorizes to be filled and then submitted to the suitable crucial records office of that particular state.

The birth registration document which is filled for every newborn entails essential identification details, and it’s appropriately recorded to verify the birth of that particular child. On this registration form, there is an area which offers the option for a parent to request a social security card for the infant. Once your newborn baby’s information has been submitted to the relevant authority which is the birthing centre or hospital, the social security card and birth certificate will be processed. It takes about four to five weeks for the documents to mature.

The social security card will be emailed to you once it’s complete. However, the birth certificate you will have to obtain it personally at the records office in the specific county that your child was born. Apart from visiting the records office, you can also utilize a very convenient online ordering service that is very reliable. Visiting the records office is however beneficial as you can assist the officer in rectifying any misinformation.

If a delivery which was anticipated never took place in a certified hospital or birthing centre, and the parents were not given a birth registration document to fill, acquiring a social security card for your infant will have to take another lane and undergo a few more steps. These steps will require you to undertake them in person.

In this process, you have an option where you can mail in all your documents. However, it will be expected of you to provide an accurate Social Security Administration number and also attach all certified copies of all the crucial records and identification documents of your newborn. Because of this complex process, many parents prefer to visit the Social Security Office in person.

The application procedure consumes less time if you visit in person. Also, the process is less hectic if you are applying a Social security card for an infant that is less than a year old. If your child hits one year mark, the office of the Social Security Administration will have to be engaged in more leg work so that they can identify and verify your baby’s identification. The following is a procedure that you should engage in so that you see your child’s identification done.

  1. You need to locate your local Social Security Administration office. The Social Security Administration has a website where you can key in your ZIP code. Immediately, it will display the nearest SSA office. Ensure that you key in the correct information so that you ease the process.
  2. Once you identify your nearby office, you will be offered an SS-5 application form which you will fill in for a Social Security number. This document filing can be done at home and after completing you can print it out. However, after you arrive at your local office, they also have blank documents which they will offer you to fill in.
  3. When you visit, ensure that you carry with you at least two documents that you will submit. The two documents should include evidence that identifies your child’s citizenship and age. You will be required to present at least one certified birth certificate document. A certified birth record will count as the second document that you will present. When you visit the SSA ensure that you carry a religious record of your infant. If it’s not available there is no need to carry it. According to the Social Security Administration office, you can’t acquire your infant’s SSN card if you don’t present the certified forms.
  4. Carry with you identification documents that will prove your identity, i.e. citizenship. Have with you a valid driver’s license or a passport. These are the most important documents that are accepted. If you don’t have these documents, you will be required to produce a military ID card or other health Insurance identification forms. These are the only acceptable secondary forms.

It is most comfortable and convenient when you request your child’s social security card while at the hospital. However, no matter the convenience, not all parents have had the same opportunity to give birth in a hospital. If you choose to mail your infant’s SSN, you should expect to receive a reply in four to five weeks. If you decide to apply the same, you will still receive the card via a mail in the same time duration.

Regardless of the institution that you decide to visit, when the subject is to apply for your newborn’s SSN, the procedure is the same. You will be required to provide certified forms which are birth records. Anything less will not oversee the completion of the process. In case you miss out on any detail it’s essential that you confirm before you make a move.

Don’t be an ignorant parent; acquire a Social Security card for your newborn. There are many convenient reasons as to why you should get the card early enough. If you have an adopted child and the kid doesn’t have an SSN card the SSA can be able to assign one. The SSA can also hand you an SSN even before you complete the process of adopting a child. If you prefer to acquire it after completing the process it’s also acceptable, but the earlier, the better.