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Where Should You Invest Your Cash This Year?

As we roll into the new year many of us will be full of wishes and resolute plans to make this coming year the best one yet. In line with this, there are also many of us who will be looking to turn 2018 into a very profitable year indeed and in order to do that, we recommend that you start to look to turn your cash into profit with one of these investment opportunities. Each year will see different opportunities present themselves and we have worked hard on finding out which are going to be the hottest in 2018.

If you like the sound of these opportunities then go away and do your research before parting with any cash.

Binary Options

There is nothing new about binary options and they have existed in some form or another for many years, this year however looks to be a great time to get involved thanks to the great percentages that are being paid out. In its most basic terms, binary options are about gaming whether a market or index will move up or down, within a chose timeframe. This timeframe could be anywhere between 30 minutes or 3 months depending on your analysis. Lets’ say you gamble that the S&P Index will move above its current position of 1700, and that it will do so in an hour, when the hour is up, if the index has moved down, you’ll lose your investment, if it goes up, you win, very simple. Check out the binary.com review to find out more about this investment strategy.


Bitcoin has been one of the most surprising events in the year in terms of investments after it skyrocketed from $1k to almost $20k in a matter of months. This does not mean however that it is too late to get involved in cryptocurrency investment and with alternative currencies such as Epherium, Litecoin and Ripple, there are many opportunities for you to get involved and make some money. Bear in mind the volatility of these markets however and make sure that you really know your stuff before you start investing.

Start Ups

With more businesses being created in 2017 than in any other year on record, now is the perfect time to invest in one of these young businesses. The amount of ideas and incredible projects which these start ups are creating is incredible and if you believe in their project, you can help them to get off the ground with an angel investment. Usually you will take a percentage of the company in exchange for your investment, as well as the option for shares should the company find real success. Aim to keep your investments within an industry that you know something about, so that you can have a better idea of what kind of success the company could achieve.

This is going to be a big year, how will you be spending it?