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Why You Should be Investing in Real Estate

I never really fancied investing in real estate when I first started my investments, there was just something about parting with such a large portion of my savings into one single investment. That changed however after I watched a promotional video from Joseph Johnson Welfont CEO. In the video he described the massive upsides which could be found when investing in real estate and form that moment on I was sold.

Fast forward 5 years and I currently have 3 properties, 2 residential and one commercial which have all risen in market value since I bough them and all of which have made me steady revenue from monthly rentals. I wanted to share with you exactly why I think real estate should be your next investment.

Ways To Earn

There are a few ways in which you can earn though real estate investment and they all can offer you exceptional upsides. One way in which many look to earn money is through flipping properties, this does require good understanding of the markets and the value of housing. The method basically involves you buying property at bargain prices and turning a quick profit on the property by selling it quickly, perhaps after a little renovation work. You could look long term and buy a property with a view to renting it out long term, this will see regular income coming your way for many years to come. Finally you could look to buy with a view to sell but rent out as you wait for the value of the property to increase, this allows you the freedom to sell when the market is high and still be able to make some revenue as you wait.


The housing market is far more secure than the likes of the stock exchange and other financial markets, it is renowned for its stability and whilst it has seen some dips in the past, it very rarely crashes or fails to recover. This gives you a great safety net in terms of investment and the beauty is that even if the value of your property falls, you can still rent out the property to ensure that you are making some money. Before investing you should of course study the market movements in the area for your property as some micro markets can be erratic.


Since records began there has always been far more demand for housing than there has been supply and as long as you are smart about the type of property which you buy, you can use this to ensure great profits on your investment. The situation doesn’t look set to change any time soon either as the World’s population continues to grow and housing is simply not being built quickly enough. This level of demand against the lack of supply means that you are likely to have any problems in finding a buyer for your home or tenants should you wish to rent out your property.