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You Can Always Save Money When Using Public Transportation

The number of people using public transportation these days is constantly growing, with more embracing this every single day. The truth is that by using public transport you can gain various different advantages. However, according to specialist Umberto de Pretto, the biggest one for most people is that they manage to save a lot of money. One thing that few understand is that you can actually save cash as you use public transport in various different ways, with the most common ones mentioned below.

Car Payments

One of the biggest possible savings for you is that you do not need to make car payments. These can be pretty expensive, especially when they come every single month. Average car loan length is around 5 years these days. When financing new cars, it means you need to pay hundreds of dollars per month, all for years, only to actually own the car you are interested in.

Even if you manage to pay for the car in full and you get a good price, it is still worth using public transportation. Using your car in the city is not as cheap as when you use public transport options like buses. Sometimes even taxis can be cheaper.


You can also save a lot of money because of the fact that you do not pay for using fuel. In case you did not see or care about gas prices recently, if you look, you quickly understand the amount of money that you could potentially save as years pass.

Unfortunately, some people think that it is not worth paying for public transportation since prices are around the same as with fuel. This is completely incorrect. When you drive your car, you will pay more for fuel than what will cost you to use the public transportation system.


As you use public transportation you do not have to worry anymore about the needed car maintenance. This is one of those costs many owners seem to forget about or just do not care much about. During a car’s life you can end up spending a lot on maintenance. For instance, you have to pay to change filters and oil, together with so many other things you have to take into account, like the possibility to have to make payments to deal with engine repairs or for tire replacement.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that when you do the math, you quickly understand why authorities and even locals recommend using public transportation. Unfortunately, more people use cars than they should. You often see many taking the car when they go to the store. This is no longer a necessity these days since public transport is much better than it used to be. There are normally really good options you can take into account, ranging from buses (the cheapest option) to taxi (the more costly option). Make sure that that you understand this in order to save a lot more money than what you initially anticipated. Also, public transport tends to be safer.