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5 Games/Apps That Actually Make You SMARTER!

How many of us tell our children, our even ourselves, to stop wasting time playing games? Whether it be on our phones laptops or game consoles, we often see these as time wasting exercises that take us away from doing something important. For many years gaming has been a leisure time activity, generally for the youth, but those days have gone, in today’s World the amount of games on the market is incredible and within the genres available to you are games that can actually improve your intelligence, we always try to make learning fun for children and now people of all ages can employ the same tactic. Here are 5¬†great games to improve your intelligence whilst having fun.

Luminosity Brain Trainer (IOS and Android)

Arguably the most popular game in within its category, Luminosity is a brain training app that uses a huge variety of memory and cognitive games to increase your brain power and memory function. This game has actually been designed by neuroscientists who have studied the best ways to increase your memory and your attention span, a fun game that will improve your intelligence.

HelloTalk (IOS and Android)

For language learners out there, whether studying or not, HelloTalk is an app that connects you to the World in order to learn or to improve your language. The app doesn’t teach you but it connects you with people who speak your chosen language, the app is packed with options for correcting speech, sending voice messages, dictionary functions, vocabulary saving options to revise at a later date amongst a host of other brilliant touches. The social nature of this app makes it fun to learn about language and the lives and cultures of those who speak it.

Happify (IOS and Android)

This wonderful app uses games, quizzes and polls to increase the ‘happiness’ of your brain through positive psychology. Whilst using somewhat of a new age approach, the app questions you on what your image of happiness is and how to go after it, the app is beautiful made and features journal-keeping options amongst plenty of other handy tips to keep your brain at its best.

Khan Academy (IOS and Android)

This incredible free app gives you an opportunity to learn about almost anything through its series of videos, 5,000 to be exact and they are split into a huge variety of categories. Whether you are looking to learn about maths, science, literature, languages or any other such strand of learning, Khan Academy is the app for you.

Cognifit Brain Academy (IOS and Android)

Increase your brain power with this app that offers a variety of games and tests that were developed by neuroscientists to increase your brain function. You can compete with others that use that application online and the weekly tracker helps you to measure your progress and how much you have increased your brain power. An easy to use app that is not only fun, but will help to boost your brain.