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8 Secrets to a Great Facebook Live Stream Session


We all saw it coming. The moment Facebook bought Snapchat, we knew the social network would launch a livestreaming service. As video consumption grows—Brightcove statistics says social video accounts for about 1200 percent more shares, compared to images and text combined—it’s easy to see where Facebook is headed. Merging the world’s most well-known and influential social network with livestreaming capabilities and you’re bound to end up with a platform that’s even more powerful, designed to attract massive views and shares.

Here’s How To Make it Work To Your Advantage:

Welcome Them Behind The Scenes

People love getting sneak previews and exclusive glimpses into what they normally don’t have access to. With FB’s livestreaming feature, you can provide your growing customer base with ‘behind the scenes’ content. Take them on a tour of your business, show them where the action happens and how you churn out the products they love. Just remember to include only information that you’re comfortable sharing. Your competition is bound to take a look as well so be careful about dropping any secrets during the session.

Give Daily Updates

You could offer daily tips. If you provide services, say catering assistance, you could grow your followers by simply posting daily tips that help other catering pros or those who are just starting out in the field, to get one foot into the door. These daily updates should be informative but at the same time, must also be delivered in a way that stands out. If you have a way with words, you’ll want to render those updates in your signature tone. That helps distinguish your brand from other businesses.

Livestream Events

Hosting an event or conference? You could cover the event via livestream. The same thing goes if you’re attending a conference and representing your business in an official capacity. Just imagine the buzz your livestream will generate if you provide this service when you’re at exclusive events. Your customers are sure to balloon overnight.

Fix The Title

In many situations, people skip a video not because it’s a bad one, but because it has a bad tile. Boring ones are likely to be given a wide berth. If you want customers clicking on your link instead of dismissing it out of hand, provide them with a title worthy enough of their time and attention, says the Entrepreneur.

Add a Call To Action

Once the video is finished, it will automatically go to your Facebook profile. This is where you could make changes or revisions to the content. Want a different title? Go ahead. Need to add a more engaging description? No problem. Thought of the perfect call to action to get your customers to buy your products or pay for your services? Add it right to the content. That way, you can subtly guide viewers to do what you want them to do, successfully increasing your conversion rates in the process.

Pick a Good Tool

There are plenty of tools you can use. Though if you’re after one that’s great for communicating within and outside of your organization, you’ll want to try and live stream Facebook via tools from providers like BlueJeans. This company is just one well-known service provider for video solutions based on the cloud. By investing in the right tools, from trusted service providers like this one, you won’t have to worry about technical issues getting in the way of a successful webcast, which is the usual problem when you go with an inferior system. Opting for quality solutions means you have less problems on your plate to worry about. If you’re already busy with a full workload and tight deadlines to beat, choosing the right video solution can be a god-send, saving you tons of time and effort.

Promote The Event

Don’t forget to promote the event. Let people know in advance that you’re holding one. Give them teaser videos to hook them in. That should help fill up your registration page. Let them know what the topic is going to be and what they could expect from the session. This will help generate excitement and anticipation in your audience, one you could build up by coming out with countdown posts until D-day.


Don’t go into that session without running through what you plan to say or present during the video. By practicing, you gain more confidence, you’re more comfortable in front of the camera and you can easily squash all signs of nervousness so that the only thing your audience sees is you, perfectly in control. That’s how it should be.

As video content becomes more and more indispensable, companies that know how to adapt to these trends are better positioned to lead their organizations into the future. If you want to make sure yours follows suit, learn how to use these video solutions to address the needs of your organization.