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A Look Inside the Various Branches of Engineering


Engineering is a fantastic career choice for anyone who has a particular ability when it comes to numbers and science. These skills are the basic level of engineering and having them is a great place to start. There are many different branches of engineering which you can enter into depending on your other abilities and today we are going to discuss what some of them entail.

Engineering as a profession is a personally and financially rewarding career path and the large majority of engineering companies have a clear ladder to real success. If you want to head up an engineering company like Reddy Kancharla then that is a very real possibility if your willing to put the work in. Let’s take a look at which branches of engineering are available to you.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the most popular form of the industry and it deals with the design, creation and construction of physical and natural environments. Within civil engineering there are several offshoots such as geotechnical, environmental, structural and mining to name just a few and you should be looking at entering into a field that you not only have a skill for, but also a passion. From bridges to buildings, transport to hydraulics, civil engineering looks at the physical world in which we live and seeks to improve upon it.

Software Engineering

One of the newest and most exciting forms of engineering is that of software, technology has come a long way in the last 20 years and the creation of software is central to everything that has come with it, meaning that a software engineer salary is one of the highest in the industry of engineering. If you have a gift for computer science then this is the path for you, you could work in any area of technology, designing cutting edge software for businesses around the World. The demand for ever-changing software is high and if you have a forward thinking  mind as well as computer skills then this will be a great career choice where you can show off your skills and work at the forefront of technology.

Mechanical Engineering

If mechanics is your thing then you could look into the field of mechanical engineering, dealing with heat and mechanical power for systems which are used throughout the World in a number of ways. The main work of mechanical engineers is with vehicles and working with thermal engineering, this career path could take you into the world of energy, vehicle design and production or even power plants. In order rot get into this area of engineering you will need to have a love for all things mechanic as well as a high level ability in physics.

Chemical Engineering

If you have a really special ability when it comes to the sciences then chemical engineering is the place for you. Dealing with raw materials and seeking to turn them into something useful for the World you will be applying all of the sciences to work with medicines, corrosion, chemical refineries and bio-molecular products to enhance business and governments.