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Apple Vs Samsung: The Ultimate Phone Showdown Of 2016

The mobile phone game has been hotly contested over the last 5-10 years, ever since the dawn of the smartphone, industry giants have worked tirelessly to provide consumers with the most cutting edge technology available. The 2 largest and most successful companies during this time have undoubtably been Apple and Samsung whose respective iPhone and Galaxy models have consistently been the leading lights of the smartphone generation. 2016 looks set to be no different as the iPhone 7 and the new Samsung Galaxy launch, the question is, who is the best provider between the two. Let’s breakdown the key differences between Apple and Samsung handsets to help you decide which is best.

Battery Life

Consumers are less worried about phone size and weight these days, a far bigger concern is battery life, most people practically live on their phones and regular charging is a pain that many don’t want. Both Apple and Samsung promise similar performance with the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge which is 13 hours of performance on 3G and 15 hours of performance on wi-fi. Not much to split the two here.


Something that has always frustrated iPhone users is the inability to add storage via an SD card, this year’s iPhone 7 offers 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models and still doesn’t offer additional storage. The Galaxy offers consumers a 32GB model with the option of adding an SD card to take it up to 256GB, the benefit of the Galaxy is that total cost of handset and additional storage comes in far below the price of the iPhone 256GB model, Samsung take this one.


Apple have finally produced an iPhone that is splash resistant, perfect for the clumsy amongst us and it can be kept in around 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without problems. Samsung’s Galaxy has a stronger durability rating and can be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes without it breaking. This type of test doesn’t really matter too much to users who, if they do drop their phone in the toilet or a cup of coffee, will be fine with both models. Apple trump Samsung with their design on this one however as the casing is far more scratch resistant.


One of the most common uses for the smartphone these days is as a music device and in this battle, Apple most certainly beat their competitors. In what has been an unpopular decision, Apple have got rid of the headphone jack and opted for wireless headphones, this wireless technology has created a crisper and louder sound than the connected Galaxy method.


The all important question for consumers, the price and once again there isn’t much to split the two manufacturers. Both base model prices are $769 so opting for one or the other will not save you any money, as mentioned before however, if you are looking for more storage at a better price then Samsung is your best bet. The camera is better on the Samsung also so if you are an avid photographer then this phone could save you buying a separate camera. All told, when it comes to pricing, Samsung is the way forward.