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Best Winter Apps to Keep You Busy During Awkward Family Get-togethers


With the winter season well under way, and Christmas approaching, we are all familiar with the awkwardness that often accompanies the gathering of distant relatives and family members.

As fun as it may be, we all need a light escape at times, so here I have put together a list of the best winter apps to keep you busy during awkward family get-togethers, in-case you come face to face with boredom in the light of all the festivities, or you just want to tune in to something outside of all the hubbub:


Dualingo has actually won Apple’s iphone app of the year. It is a brilliant tool for learning new languages, and offers different levels of teaching which will guide you all the way to fluency. So, whether you’re lounging in front of the TV or trying to avoid some awkward dinner conversation, why not use this as a tool to educate yourself in one of the 10 languages that Dualingo has to offer.


This app was made by musical genius Brian Eno and fellow musician and software designer Peter Chivers. This app combines musical composition, with instrumentation and artwork and allows users to create beautiful ambient sounds to soothe and to inspire. By just tapping the screen you can create unique sounds and songs that will get you out feeling anything other than calm.

All Jackpot Casino app

This great casino app from the very popular alljackpotscasino has the advantage of having amazing payouts and easy wins for its users. While it still offers existing players great offers, new players are able to get the most of the sign-up bonuses and incentives. It has the option to use a wide selection of currencies, and offers a secure way to make some cash…hey, you might well try and win some cash while you are ignoring your loved ones.


This eerie game lets you explore haunting settings, whilst completing challenging levels and bizarre tasks. It relays an interesting narrative that you have the ability to control and engage in, and the spooky sounds and aesthetics are a great way of transporting into a different setting.


Spotify is an app that offers an infinite library of music and sound that you can explore and discover with no limitation. Create new playlists, share songs and listen to your favourite bands and musicians. Stick on your headphones and block out your surroundings (and annoying family members).

These 5 apps offer a world of escapism, away from the home, away from anything in your immediate surroundings that might be causing you to feel uneasy. If you need a back-up plan at any point during a family reunion, make sure you have these apps downloaded and ready to whip out in case any sign of awkwardness creeps in.