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Cleaning the efficient way – Vacuum clean for effect

Trying to maintain a clean and hygienic environment at home or at the workplace can be an overwhelming and time consuming task. A Shark rocket vacuum cleaner has, not surprisingly, become an important accessory in every establishment and household to ease the burden of one’s daily chores.

A choice of models:

Topping the list of criteria and features to look for while buying a vacuum cleaner is to understand what suits your needs best – an upright or a canister model. Though both work well on carpets and bare boards, the upright model is more suited for large carpeted areas and for one level flooring, while the canister which is equipped with a long brush attachment, is appropriate for multiple levels and staircases. As the canister is placed on wheels, it can be toted around more easily. A third alternative that is attractive and handy is the hand-held model which provides easy operability.

Bagged or bag-less?

An equally important decision is whether one should purchase a bagged or bag-less model for collection of the dirt and dust. The former requires regular replacement of bags with every use and is the ideal choice to avoid dust allergiesor sensitivities. The alternative model, also called the “turbo” vacuum,   is equipped instead with a dust receptacle which requiresregular emptying and cleaning to ensure optimum suction effort.

A test run will do the trick

Much like a trial run before deciding on a car purchase, it is always a good idea to test-run a vacuum cleaner before its purchase. Its ease of use, of being moved around and carried across different floor levels; whether its weight is manageable; its maneuverability; its sturdiness – these aspects need to be physically checked by the user. In addition, it is necessary to check on the usage and effectiveness of its attachments – are they too many and confusing or are they suitable and required? Other criteria to look into to help make a correct decision are the power consumption features, the facile operation of its switches and buttons and its noise levels when in operation. For cleaning carpets and rugs, the upright ones will be better but for a house with many stairs, canister is more suited. Hand-held vac cleaner tools are for light cleaning while central ones need professional installation.

The Shark rocket vacuum cleaner offers all of the above important features,with a range of models in all the three options.The canister model is hugely popular for deep cleaning while the upright model is much sought after to address large carpeted areas. It is equipped with appropriate attachmentsto clean heights and different levels and a swivel steering to ensure ease of operation. All nooks and crannies, drapery and furniture become easily accessible with its wide and effective range of accessories.  Clearly advantageous additional features include a two-speed power switch depending on whether gentler cleaning or deep cleaning is required to be done; a 30 feet long power cord that enables the user to cover more ground from the same power outlet and low-noise levels while in operation.