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When Faced With The Storms of Life, Find a Meteorologist


We live on a planet that provides us with an impressive and dynamic range of downpours, a wide scope of winds, and heap loads of climatic disasters that can result in things like, a huge forest fire from a heat wave, or a heavy amount of damage from a hurricane. This is one reason why we love the meteorological profession, because it provides our lives with more stability and safety, when faced with weather’s that can’t be withstood. So whether you love tuning into the best weather station, or have a desire to pursue a career in this field, here’s some background on what a meteorologist is. 

What Is Meteorology?

Meteorology is essentially the study of the atmosphere. It dates all the way back to ancient Greek, where they would weather watch to ensure they could cultivate their crops, and protect their families from the perilous climates. Meteora, meaning, “the celestial phenomena”, is the Greek word where meteorology derived from.

It was a great necessity to those in Greek times to watch the weather, and even more so today with the advancements in technology and civilization it is important to gage what is going on in the atmosphere, in order to shelter our societies and safeguard our cities.

Meteorology consists of the study of the physical, dynamical and chemical state of the earth’s atmosphere, and encompasses all these three to attempt to ensure a more full and accurate estimation of what the forecast will be like.

What is a Meteorologist?

This is an individual who is able to explain in an understandable way the earth’s atmospheric phenomena. They will be able to elaborate on how the forecast will affect the earth and its inhabitants, bringing out the impact certain climates will have on our lives and the economy.

Through the progression in technology, such as satellite imagery and radars, meteorologist can better observe and record the weather conditions and give a more precise date, as to when a weather forecast will arrive in a certain location. Here are some characteristics a meteorologist would possess:

Passionate About Atmospheric Pressure

It’s not a mundane task being a meteorologist, with a colorful range of climates across the globe, this role needs someone with passion and charisma. An individual who reacts to every element the sky brings: reacting to rainfall, sussing out storms, hunting down hurricanes, in order to provide the most accurate results.

They’ll be interested in the latest weather tracking software, and will spend time researching and continuing to train themselves in the ever changing avenues of how to forecast the weather. Their passion will lead them to possess a deep understanding of the subject.


This is a profession where mistakes can happen and things can go wrong. Expect to see the sun when you predicted rain, expect to see the temperature drop a little further than you had estimated, these are all unavoidable mishaps that come with the role of studying an atmosphere that is so intricate, so dynamic, and often mind-boggling.

It’s probably one of the hardest jobs that you’ll come across, but meteorologists push past the hardships, difficulties and high demands that come, and press through putting all their effort into producing good results, and protecting, and informing various societies.