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Follow These Steps & NEVER Have Your Password hacked Ever Again

These days, almost our entire lives exist in some shape or form online, from our social network, our banking, our hospital records and our most sensitive information. Modern technology has allowed is the incredible opportunity to access all of our information via our cell phones, tablets and laptops whenever and wherever we are providing we have an internet connection. Whilst these advancements in technology have give us great benefits, they also bring some danger when it comes to the security of our information. Being hacked through someone guessing or breaking our passwords can mean that your sensitive information is out there for anyone to see and could also result in somebody stealing your identity or your money. In order to avoid this you must ensure that your password is safe and secure and here are some steps to follow to avoid ever having your password hacked.


Use Online Services

There are plenty of online services out there that use an automated system to tell you how secure your password is, research first which is the best and simply put your password in to the checker. Once you can see the result for how safe your password is, do not accept ‘reasonable/fair’ you should be looking to create a password that is ‘strong’.

Keep it Complex

Using famous dates or information relating to family birthday’s or names of family members is foolhardy, anyone that knows anything about you could guess these types of passwords. The key is to use a multitude of numbers, letters and symbols, lower case and upper case letters as well, the harder you make the password, the more difficult it will be for anyone to access. If you struggle to remember such a complex password then by all means write it down and keep it with you, it may be a pain to keep typing in such a long password but I can assure you that it is better than having your bak account cleared out.


Many smartphones these days have fingerprint recognition and if you have this option then I strongly suggest that you use it, they are incredibly sensitive and so far there have been no cases where phones have been hacked in this way.

Password Memory

It can be tempting to use the password memory services that internet browsers offer and whilst using them on some sites is fine, accessing important details such as online banking should is not a good idea using the memory function. If you lose your tablet, phone or laptop and you have used the memory function then you are simply making a hackers job easier, within a matter of hours they could steal your whole identity, have a passport made or sell your ID on the black market. It may sound far fetched but believe me, this is exactly how hackers operate. By all means use the memory service for online entertainment services or other such websites but if you are accessing important information then avoid it at all costs.