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Going Upstairs Graciously – Finding a Stair Lift that Suits You

If you check out the market for stair lifts you’ll soon see that there’s a large amount of different ones with different features and quirks. It may be quite a daunting task look through the whole range of them trying to find the one that suits you perfectly.

Doing Your Research

You want to find a reliable and recommended source to ensure you’re getting a good deal. The price of a stair lift can vary and you want one that offers you value for your money. You could visit a specialist like an Occupational Therapist and see if there’s any recommended stair lift that can meet your special requirements and provide the perfect assistance that you need. Ask around and see what advice you can get off friends that have invested in a stair lift.

Who to Buy From?

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a stair lift is making sure you get a service that is reliable and that seeks, in every way, to offer you the best lift for you. You don’t want to be left with empty promises and a stair lift that doesn’t perform well in the end. Don’t let pushy sales men back you into a corner and force you to buy one of their stair lifts. Get a deal you are comfortable and happy with.

Think about the warranty length on the stair lift. Get a good lengthy warranty that will have you covered if a breakdown should happen. Don’t buy one if you are not completely satisfied and happy with your purchase.


The prices of stair lifts vary; you can find one that is in your budget. There are also government schemes in place that can assist you in purchasing your lift if it’s for a disability or for someone with a chronic illness. If you only need a lift temporarily, or if you don’t want to fork out a lot of cash all at once then hiring a stair lift may work out best for you. Whatever you need you’ll be able to find an affordable and efficient option.

What type of stair lift?

There’s a variety of lifts available. You have to make sure that the stair lift you purchase is first of all compatible for your stairs and one that suits your needs. Getting one that will only give you even more discomfort will only proof to be another hindrance to you gaining more mobility around your home. Go with a company that is willing to put in the effort of coming out to access you and your stairs and that make sure they assist you with the most suitable and effective lift.

Whether seated, standing or perch lifts, you can make sure that you’re able to get up the stairs in a way that offers the most ease and least pain. If you have curved or straight stairs, there’ll be a lift that can accommodate those features including avoiding pathways and radiators.