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Here Are The Best Mobile Contract Deals This Summer

Summer is coming and this may be the best time to start looking for new mobile contract deals. If you are in the market for a new smartphone or maybe considering a switch, then here are some awesome deals to consider for the best mobile contracts this Summer.

Verizon Unlimited Deal

It was announced on the 18th and Verizon is basically treating you like the VIP of all customers with this new enticing plan. The Unlimited plan means continued talk, text and of course 4G data, that’s up to 75GB. There is also HD streaming and hotspots. You get a Travel Pass each month for use in 130 countries that has 500GB storage all in the Verizon Cloud.

T-Mobile iPhone X Buy One Get One Free

This is something to rush to since you don’t see this every day. If you don’t have a phone or your friend is in need of one, this could be the deal for you. When you buy an iPhone X from T-Mobile, that’s right, the second is yours for absolutely free. You can port over numbers from any non-T-Mobile carrier and trade in a phone. This deal gives you an option to buy your iPhone X that has regular monthly installments allowing you to get the second on at a lower value. If you do decide to trade in a phone, you can do this will all iPhones from 5 to 7, Google Pixel XL,, Pixel 2 XL, LG G5 and more. If you are not familiar with the iPhone X, it has the slick design where you can use your face as the password through the Face ID. This phone is Apple’s most powerful and clever chip in their entire product line.

AT&T iPhone X – Buy One Get One Free

Here’s another great contract for your smartphone. For a limited time, AT&T Next is giving your the chance to do a buy one, get one free with the Apple iPhone X on their service. The deal includes a fantastic offer to get nearly 50 percent dropped from the purchase price from either the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 series. If you have DIRECTV service, then this gives you a plan with AT&T. Your credits begin after 3 bills and can go beyond 30 months. Keep in mind, having DirecTV may be needed if you have an existing plan or if you want to upgrade. When you decide to trade in your iPhone 7, you can get the $300 credit to apply to the new iPhone X. If you have a different device, then you get a $200 credit, if it qualifies. They also offer an iPad 9.7 inch with 32GB for only $99.99

Sprint iPhone X – For only $20/mo

If you are thinking of moving to another carrier then Sprint has a great offer with the iPhone X for a mere $20 a month. That is a fixed Sprint Flex Lease plan that you can use and will certainly save you money. The deal allows for you to lease on the Flex plan and then get a new iPhone 8, 64GB for 18 months at $29.17. The other option is to get 50% off the iPhone X, $21.67 each month in credits using the Sprint Flex lease for a brand new service. In addition, you can enjoy also an iPad for only $99.99 with the new lease as well.

Summer is right around the corner and you have a lot of choices to choose from when considering getting a new mobile contract deals. It’s always smart to do your own research to make sure you get what’s right for your situation. Mobile contracts are not getting cheaper so it’s great to see these companies offering unlimited and buy one, get one free deals. It appears that all carriers are getting in on the game of giving customers more to choose from for their devices.