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How You Can Save Money by Changing Your Broadband Provider

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What if you could ditch your current broadband provider and go with someone cheaper? Many don’t ever think it is possible, but it is and you don’t have to compromise the quality of internet service. Here are some tips on how to save money by changing your current broadband plan.

What Kind Of User Are You?

The first step to switching to the best broadband provider is by figuring out just how important is the internet to you. There are two kinds of internet users: the light user and the heavy user. If you are a light user, it means you only require internet to check emails, chat a little on social media and don’t download heavy files regularly. The heavy user basically lives online—these are the Youtubers, video bloggers or IT experts who design websites for a living. If you are a light user, a broadband plan of 4 mbps to 10 mbps is enough to get the basics done. The heavy user will do with speeds of 15 mpbs and more.

Will You Be Charged For Switching?

Though many broadband providers will give you a free signup as part of their promotional package, your current broadband provider may react to this move. There are those internet suppliers who will charge you for switching to a new plan from the competition. Don’t just assume, find out the fine details and make that switch when you are absolutely sure.

A good way to be sure is to ensure that your current broadband service contract has fully expired. Then notify your internet provider you will not need their service anymore and thus want to permanently terminate. This will protect you from the early exit fees that many of these broadband companies like to charge.

Broadband And Landline, Do You Need Both?

Part of why you had to pay so much could be because you had landline services as well. But how many times do you use that phone they give you? A lot of us survive on our smartphones, so you don’t really need that landline and broadband package. So when making that switch, first do your research and see if you can get a deal that don’t include that landline deal. After all, you only need the internet and internet calling is already a trend.

Do you need TV as well?

You already established you don’t call through your landline that much, do you frequently watch TV as well? How many of those channels are your favourite? Can you get the same channels or programs by subscribing to internet TV providers like Hulu or Netflix? If you own a smart TV, you don’t need TV subscription, internet is enough. So do away with TV as well and save your finances.

Compare Packages before Switching Completely

Since you already want to run away from an overcharging internet provider, the last thing you need is to run into the same loophole. It’s certain you will be hit by several promotional offers from different internet providers. So first do a comparison of these packages and scrutinise them clearly before choosing what you truly need. Remember, many of these promotional deals don’t mention the hidden costs that will come after. It’s best to call each internet company on your list and interview them on what they have to offer. It’s good to be absolutely sure you are not walking into a trap.


Well, what you are getting from the next internet provider may be a lot cheaper than your current one. But do you still feel they are charging highly for the same convenient package? It’s not a bad thing to sit down with the internet provider and haggle on the price. You will be surprised to find out that a lot of these broadband service companies are willing to strike a fresh deal with you because they wouldn’t want to lose a potential customer.

Bottom Line

It’s possible to save money by changing your broadband provider. Find out what package is best for you, do away with additional services you don’t need, and shop around for possible offers then haggle till you get what you want.