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Introducing The New Pixel XL

October’s special keynote, the “Made by Google” event, revealed a startling new direction for the company. The tech giant is better known as a powerful search engine, responsible for the way we search for content, but its event revealed its shifting priorities. It now wants to be known for its hardware. In the reveal, it announced exciting new items, such as their VR platform, Google Home outfitted with Google Assist, and Chromecast Ultra. But no piece of tech got as much of the spotlight as their latest bid for Androids. Move over Nexus, the Pixel and Pixel XL are here to stay. And for good reason, too! If the initial reviews are to be believed, Google’s latest droids are one of the top phones on the market.


Unfortunately, they don’t look like it. The profile they cut isn’t particularly arresting — not like the Samsung S7 or the iPhone 7, both of which have been praised for their smart, sophisticated design. But looks aren’t everything, especially when there are companies out there like dbrand that offer easy ways to enhance their style. These companies make Pixel XL decals (or skins, as they’re also known) in a variety of different colors and textures that transform the phone from their basic designs. When you check out, you can make a skin that’s totally unique to your personal preferences. Carbon fiber, zebra wood, and stone are just a few examples of the ways you can leave behind Google’s less than impressive designs.

Though they may not have developed an ultra-sleek Android, they did manage to create a high-functioning, super capable smartphone that can compete with the big boys. Unlike their previous line of Nexus phones, which had been a modestly priced alternative to Samsung and Apple, the Pixel brand is a premium phone in both price and performance.

First and foremost is its supercharged 821 Snapdragon processor and Nougat 7.1 OS, both of which give the XL enough horsepower to operate all of your favourite apps and some of your news one, including Google Assist. Think of it like Google’s answer to Siri, which lets you navigate your phone and Internet searches via voice commands. Assist has the ability to keep track of your preferences and even follow your line of thought behind follow-up questions relating to your previous searches.

The XL is a step in a totally new direction for the tech company, and its strong showing suggests they have a bright future as a newly realized hardware company. It will be hard to miss the old Nexus line, once you’ve had your hands on the Pixel. But we’re okay with saying goodbye to the old when the new is this good. Just remember to attach a personalized Pixel XL decal, and you’ll have a unstoppable new droid.