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Unique Innovations That Cool You Off While You Sleep


There may be some people that like to be extra-warm while they sleep, but for many of us, it’s much more important to stay cool when we hit the sheets. When you’re sleeping, it can feel nice and help you get more restful shut-eye if you feel cool and fresh, rather than hot and sweaty.

Imagine when you’ve tried to sleep, and it’s been too hot. You tend to toss and turn trying in vain to find a cool spot on your pillow or beneath your sheets.

Luckily, there are some innovations and even simple products that can help keep you cool at night, many of which work whether you’re at home or traveling.

Cooling Sheets

There are some different brands of cooling sheets, and perhaps one of the most popular are from Sheex. With these sheet sets, you get fabrics that are going to transfer heat much more effectively than regular cotton, so your body is better able to cool itself.

Sheex uses something called evaporative cooling for the ultimate in temperature control. The promise with these sheets is that you’ll get a deeper and more restorative sleep than you would with traditional bedding.

If you add something like a naturally breathable, organic buckwheat pillow to a cooling sheet set, you’re sure to feel like your bed is a refreshing oasis, rather than a hot, sweaty nightmare.

Bed Fan

Bed fans are quite literally designed to cool your bed. They vary in height, and they can be placed directly to the side of your bed frame, or if you prefer at the foot. It is a flat fan design that works by blowing cold air right under your sheets and other bedding.

Cooling Mattress Pad

If you get hot while you sleep, a cooling mattress pad may be one of your favorite innovations you’ve stumbled upon.

A cooling mattress pad is designed to keep air flowing, even if you have a very dense mattress. Some of these mattress pad feature materials like memory foam and gel and they let air move through freely rather than becoming trapped and making you hot.

In addition to gel, if you’re looking for a natural material you can choose something like bamboo, which is inherently breathable and cooling, and it can also make your bed more comfortable overall.

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan

Dyson is the ultimate leader in creating amazing fans, and their Air Multiplier is an amazing compact option, which makes it perfect for using not only at home but also if you’re traveling.

This fan features a smooth airflow without the need for blades, and air is drawn in and amplified up to 18 times. This table fan is also excellent because it has a rotation capability of up to 90 degrees, so your entire room will be effortlessly cool while you sleep.

You may have struggled for years finding the perfect, cool sleeping environment, but thanks to the inventions above, it’s getting a lot easier.