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Using live streaming platforms to broadcast to your viewers


There are many aspiring musician and singers who love to perform and they can perform in front of a webcam or smart phone anywhere. They can perform and broadcast themselves to their friends or fans in real time. This is the current trend where musicians and singers use music live streams to connect with their audience in an interactive chat environment.

The live streaming platforms enable millions of users to follow their favourite singers or musicians and enjoy their performances from wherever they are. The viewers get to engage in a face to face meeting with the performers. Performers get to take advantage of interacting with their fans by responding and reacting to their audience. Performers also get to keep their audience engaged throughout the live stream music broadcast.

Majority of the viewers just want to watch and enjoy the broadcast and do not intend to directly participate in other activities other than the broadcasts, so be aware of the audience’s reactions to the types of activities. Performers should take note to treat their fans individually based on their preferred methods of engaging.

Musicians and singers can encourage their fans to buy their track and performers can keep track the purchases in real time and gave live shout-outs to their supporters. This direct call to action can efficiently focus on the audience and musicians should look at ways to integrate community such as increase channel subscribers, to vote on their favourite song, or download a new track.

Live video streaming has become a must for music creators these days because people watch live videos every day. Live streaming gives performers a global venue to broadcast and allow them to share their music to a global audience.

Live video platforms enable easy start to live videos and no budget is required. The three best live video platforms are Periscope, Facebook live, and Youtube. These platforms allow broadcasters to save their videos after it is no longer live to enable viewers who have missed their broadcast to watch later.