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Why are iPhone’s so Popular?

The iPhone was released in 2007 and since then, its popularity knows no end. Apart from the fact that more than 100 million units were sold in iPhone’s first 4 years, it is the phone’s sheer functionality that ensures it remains a must-have item.

Apple’s iPhone is still talked about as the most successful smart

phone on the market and perhaps it is the benchmark for some of the best smartphones to be judged against.

A Host of Mind-Blowing Features

The iPhone is a line of smartphones produced by Apple and which runs on the iOS mobile operating system. The iPhone comes with a host of amazing features that simply help people to get things done easier and quicker.

We look at some of these features –

  • The iPhone is the only device with iOS and now the 6 digit passcode offers more safety. You can use letters and numbers in your password, giving you an unlimited number of possible passwords.
  • Another cool feature which makes iPhone so popular is that if you don’t wish to take a phone call but you also don’t want it to go to voicemail, with iOS you can respond to the call with a text message. You simply swipe upward on the phone icon that is found alongside the unlock slider and select ‘Respond With Text’.
  • Rich Formatting – you can use rich formatting with a few iOS apps including Whatsapp, Mail and Notes to make certain sections of text stand out. Open an app that supports rich formatting, highlight the text you want to edit by double-tapping it and choosing the formatting menu.
  • With iPhone, you can save batterywith Low Power Mode. Simply choose settings, battery and lower power mode. The feature turns off a number of iPhone features, and the battery lasts that much longer.
  • How useful it can be when you want to know who is calling you without retrieving your phone. You simply assign certain ring tones to a contact. You can also give them a custom vibration pattern if you prefer. Select a contact, tap the Edit button, scroll down to find the ringtone field to get an assortment of built-in vibration patterns you can choose from.
  • With an iPhone, an iPod is included in the design so that you no longer have to carry around two devices. You can now listen to music and communicate with one device.
  • With iPhone, did you know that you can be filming magic moment and take a photograph at the same time without stopping with recording? You just press the camera button as well as the shutter button as you film.

iPhone owners will also tell you that the reason they love their iPhone so much, especially when you compare them with Android phones is that AppleCare is so awesome. Any problems with your iPhone and you can have it taken care of in an Apple Store. Android phones, on the other hand, come from different companies but their customers care departments don’t come anywhere close to the AppleCare support you get.

Even though the features of an iPhone are always changing with each of the new models brought out, they are known for their quick response touch screens. At the time of its release, the design of the iPhone differed from other smartphones, with the largest part of the phone consisting of a large touch-sensitive screen where the user can access all the phone’s functions.

Manage every Aspect of your Business Life

The iPhone is more than a phone; it offers a wide selection of communication options. In addition to traditional phone calls, you can send and receive text messages and emails.

Why not own the popular iPhone? Yes, it can be costly but by owning one, you can manage every aspect of your professional life. You can do banking, pay bills and handle a host of daily operations and there are literally thousands of all – a number of them free – and which are available for download to the device from Apple’s App Store. Then there is Siri, the voice-activated virtual assistant which helps users by providing information that simply helps you get on with life.

Easy to Learn and Use

Probably why iPhone is so popular is that it is easy to get to know in a short while. Those who own one will tell you it is so much easier than the confusing layout of Android.

The iPhone has certainly changed the way we use technology and interact with each other and even though it seems as though the iPhone can’t possibly improve, the world is waiting to see the mind blowing innovation still to come.