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Why You Should Repair and Not Replace a Broken Cell Phone

We live in a world where everything is dispensable and everything is replaceable. When something breaks, we simply throw it away and get a new one. Many of us believe that this is both cheaper and easier, even when we’re talking about expensive items such as cellphones. Yet, there are many reasons as to why cell phone repair is actually a better option.

  1. Cost

When you consider the price of buying a new phone, particularly out of contract, you can easily pay in excess of $500. An iPhone screen repair, by contrast, costs between $30 and $130, depending on your model. You can make this cheaper by ordering a replacement screen on eBay, although this is generally not the best option.

  1. The Environment

Generally, a cellphone is not a biodegradable item. This means that it will end up on a landfill, where it will simply stay and pollute the planet. Considering they have lithium ion batteries, which have caused fires after they have exploded and can contaminate groundwater, it becomes even clearer why you should not simply throw your phone out. If you really want to replace it, then at least recycle your old phone.

  1. The Economy

Cell phone repair shops tend to be local businesses, sometimes franchises. They employ people from the community, who then in turn spend their money in the community. When you have your phone fixed, therefore, you help your own community. If, by contrast, you purchase a new device, all you really help is a huge multinational corporation.

  1. Speed

Purchasing a new phone takes a lot of time. You have to identify the device you want first, then wait for it to be delivered, then transfer all your information, and then get to know the device (often to then find you don’t really like it). By contrast, if you have your phone repaired, you can usually have it back the very same day, within just a few hours, and you can just use it again.

  1. Security

If you get rid of your device, there is always a chance that someone picks it up and gets hold of your data. Anything stored on a phone will still be there somewhat, after all. Keep your own phone, and you also keep your own data, rather than sharing it with the world.

These five reason really demonstrate that it is very important that you don’t just throw your old phone out and get a new one. It is important that, while we certainly live in a consumerist society, we also start to think about what we are doing when we throw things away. We are harming the environment as a whole, are community more specifically, and even our own pocket! When you consider the fact that you can have your phone professionally repaired, returning it to a like new condition, for very little money and probably just around the corner from where you are, really is the icing on the cake.