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7 Ways To Commemorate Your Backpacking Trip

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh-faced first-timer or seasoned traveller, you are definitely going to want to commemorate your backpacking trip.

Back in the day, you need to get photos developed on your return, and there wouldn’t be a great deal of options for getting creative with your memorial ideas, not without breaking the bank at least.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at seven superb ways you can create something special to remember your travel adventures forever:

Create a Scrapbook

Sometimes the old school methods are the best, and they don’t come more retro than the scrapbook. You can make something truly breath-taking and memorable with a scrapbook, including using all of your favourite photos, tickets for the tours, receipts and leaflets that you’ve picked up along the way. By keeping these in one place, you will have something incredible to refer to in years to come, and every single page will recall so many superb memories for you and whoever travelled with you.

Start a Travel Blog

Travel writing is hugely popular on the web, whether it’s helpful advice for first-timers, letting people know of secret locations in faraway lands, or simply just to show off your photos and experiences to family, friends, and people who want to conduct research and read about travelling from people who are living the dream.

You can take a page from this book and start a travel blog. It takes a few minutes to get started with a WordPress account, and you will soon be able to start documenting your adventures online and building an audience of fellow travellers and interested parties. If your blog takes off, it might even pave the way to some paid writing gigs, which can fund further travels.

But for now, concentrate on building something that will be a time-capsule for you and your travel buddies for years to come, by documenting your experiences in your blog, and updating it on a regular basis. You could even wait until you return and transcribe your handwritten journal, all your photos and any collected memorabilia to the blog.

Create a Private Facebook Group

Facebook is the biggest social network in the world and has some great features that you can use to create a superb memorial for your backpacking trip. Setting up a private Facebook group just for you and your travel friends is one way to do this, and can build towards something truly special. Everyone who joins the group should be made an Administrator for the page, as this means that all members can upload photos and videos to the group, which will serve to keep all of your treasured backpacking memories and experience in one place. The good news about this is that everything will be online waiting for you when you log in, and Facebook is showing no signs of slowing down, so it will be available to you forever.

Use Your Photos Creatively

Photos serve as amazing reminders of what a fantastic time you had when you went travelling, but they are also prone to being forgotten about over time, as they are put into albums, saved to discs and stored away. They’ll show their faces at parties and when you meet up with travel buddies, but they soon get lost to the passing of time.

You can commemorate your backpacking trip by getting creative with your photos. Why not do something epic like putting together a giant collage for your bedroom wall, or blowing your best photo into a portrait-size picture for your living room? This way, you will always have your best memories of travelling close to hand.

Another great idea is to create custom gifts for your backpacking friends, using your favourite photos from the travels. You can use your photos to make gifts such as travel mugs, phone cases, and photo frames. Click for more ideas on how you can get creative with your birthday presents and travel-anniversary presents. It’s another great way to commemorate those fantastic travel memories.

Sleep with Your Memories

Following on from your travel-themed custom gifts, you can also create T-shirts, custom-made furniture and other items that you can keep forever and serve as a reminder of what an amazing time you had when you went away. Some of the most popular items to create are pillowcases, bed sheets, and cushion covers. Using your favourite photos, you can have these custom printed onto your chosen items and have something amazing made to commemorate the best of your travel experiences.

Pass on Your Stories

Giving something back always feels good, and travel memories can serve as extremely helpful insights into what to do, where to go and which spiders to avoid for fellow travellers. One of the ways to use your travel memories is to pass on your stories, either to people you know who might be going travelling, or by writing for TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and countless other websites, magazines and blogs that exist in the travel world. Your words, photos, and experiences could make somebody’s backpacking experience more enjoyable than it otherwise might be, and you will have further evidence of your epic backpacking trip in print or online, to read whenever you and your friends are feeling nostalgic.

Create a Playlist

Nothing can evoke painful, emotional or incredible memories like a song or a piece of music, and with the likes of the iPod, Soundcloud, and Spotify, you can create a playlist of all the tunes that you discovered on your travels, listened to when you were kipping in a tent in the jungle or the song that you heard seconds before you dived out of a plane at 14,000 feet.

The songs won’t make any sense to the average listener, but for you, they will be a treasure trove of memories that will bring a smile to the face or tears to the eyes just from hearing the first few seconds. Send them to your friends and ask them to add songs to it to create something truly memorable for everybody, or keep it intimate and save yours for those moments when you want to sit and transport yourself to those amazing times.