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Been There, Done That: Learning from the Experience of Battle-Hardened Travel Warriors

There are a couple of ways you can improve your travel experience, either find out the hard way yourself what not to do and what you really need to next time to make the trip more successful, or you can take the shortcut and learn from some battle-hardened travel warriors who already seen and done it all.

Assuming you would rather learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences to avoid a few unnecessary dramas, here are some pointers and tips to remember the next time you are heading for the skies.

It starts with a checklist

There are too many travelers who arrive at the airport without their passport or some other item that could turn out be just as important at some point during their stay, and there is a simple strategy to avoid that scenario happening to you.

Rather than worrying about what you have left behind or simply forgetting to pack something the easy solution is to create a comprehensive packing checklist that you use every time you are preparing and packing for a trip.

Some items might change according to the type of trip you are taking and where in the world you are heading, but it’s easier to have a master checklist to use each time so that you don’t have a bit of a disaster at the airport or anywhere else for that matter.

Before you start to pack you might want to use a thermometer app, which is a handy resource to have on your smartphone so that you can check the local weather conditions where you are headed, ensuring you pack appropriately.

Make boarding a priority

A lot of travelers try to take most of their luggage on board with them as a way of getting away quickly at the other end, but the main issue that you might have with that strategy deployed by fellow passengers is that all the overhead lockers get filled in no time.

Whether you want to do the same and take hand luggage on board or simply don’t want to be that passenger standing helplessly in the aisle wondering where you are going to store your stuff, the simple answer is to aim to be one of the first on the plane.

There are rewards for queuing at the gate early and if you don’t fancy doing that, sign up for frequent flyer programs and take the offer of early and priority boarding when it’s available.

Access all areas

Finally, any chance to skip the line at an airport has to be worth signing up for, which is why you might want to listen to the advice of regular travelers who have already signed up for Global Entry status.

This U.S Customs and Border Protection program allows you to enjoy an expedited customs experience once you sign up and get your approval confirmed. The time it takes to fill in the form is well worth it when you first get the opportunity to breeze through customs while others wait in line.

If you take on board some of these savvy travel tips there is every chance you will some more hassle-free journeys in future.