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Best Tips To Save Money On Your Next Cab Rides


The convenience of owning a car and commuting to workplace or home is the best way for travel. But, sometimes it will be an expensive affair for some of us. And most of us don’t prefer taking a public transport because of the hassles in it. So, what is the best way to commute? Here is the answer to all your travel needs. Take a cab ride for daily commute or for travelling to a particular destination, or pick up and drop or even for outstation rides. Even if you are thinking to plan for a short vacation or family trip, all you need to do is hire a cab and just drive away. These cab rides doesn’t cost you a bomb and there also are so many ways to save money on your cab rentals. Check out these money saving tips on cab bookings and rentals, which are listed below.

Check prices

It is important to check for the price before you book a cab. It is always better and advisable to compare the fare’s offered by different cab services prior to your booking. There is also a fleet of cabs available at various prices, so always check for the prices.

Keep an eye on promotional codes

These days many of the cab service providers are offering promotional codes for their customers. For example, Uber first ride coupons are available for all the new customers. There are also coupons like flat 50% on cab ride fare, cashback offers and so on. Sometimes, cab service providers tie up with other companies for their promotions like Uber Paytm offers and so on.

Download mobile applications

There are various mobile applications available which offer cab rides at very affordable prices. There are also chances to get discount coupons on your rides when you download the mobile applications, also you may get your first ride for free! Test your luck.

Utilize referral bonus

Apart from downloading the mobile applications, there are few cab service providers who offer discounts if you refer their mobile app to your friends. All you need to do is refer them to your friend and get overwhelming discounts and deals for you and also your friends.

Buy flat rate packages

There are quite a few cab service providers who provide flat rate packages. These packages can be bought for one month or for fixed rides such as 20 or 40 rides. Check for your city and area to avail the packages as these will help you to save money on your rides.

Check out coupon websites

If you are unable to find the relevant coupons which can be used for cab rides, then check in the coupons websites which has a collection of coupons. You can check for the desired coupon and avail great deals from these sites.

Use pool cabs

Pool cab rides are the best and one of the cheapest options for commute. These rides don’t mean that you will always be sharing a ride with a stranger. All you need to do is choose your pick and drop location and wait for the cab to arrive. The best thing about the pool cab rides is that the prices which are displayed are fixed and won’t change even during surge or peak hours.

Choose the right car

Always choose your car wisely as the prices are charged differently based on the model you choose. There are variations like hatchback, sedan, and SUV. If you are lucky enough there are chances to get upgraded to the higher tier cars at lower tier fares as well.

These are the few tips you can consider before you book a cab. With these tips listed travel smart and save a lot.

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