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Classic or Modern – Which Type of Limousine Is Right for You?


If you are due to get married, you may be considering which limo service Los Angeles company you should work with. What you will also find is that there is a huge array of choices available to you. To make things easier in your search, you should try to determine whether you want a classic limo, or a modern limo.

Classic and Modern Limo Examples

Classic limousines, like the Cadillac or the Lincoln Town Car, come in various colors and lengths. Most people pick white for their wedding. The Rolls Royce Phantom is perhaps the most famous of all. These cars are becoming rarer, which means they are often also more expensive.

Modern limousines, like the Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and Hummers. These tend to be larger and have more modern amenities. This includes things like hot tubs, disco balls, flat screens, and so on. This is the limo for people who want to pull out all the stops.

What to Consider

There are a few things to consider when it comes to picking your limo. This includes:

  1. The cost – Unfortunately, people are not made of money, and weddings are expensive. The classic limo is usually less expensive, but only if you don’t want any amenities. However, their price is bumped up because they are rarer.
  2. The size – You can get classic limos in a range of sizes, such as the 12 seater stretch limo. However, if you have a really big wedding party, you will need a modern limo instead, which can seat 30 people or even more. If you want to move your whole bridal party at once, you will need a modern limo.
  3. Availability – Obviously, it is important that you choose the limo that is actually available on your wedding day. You are more likely to find an available modern limo, simply because there are more of them on the road. If you are set on a classic style and your local company doesn’t have one available on your day, you may have to search out of town, which will inevitably cost more.
  4. The amenities – The really big difference between classic and modern limos is found in amenities. Classic models are elegant and comfortable, but they don’t have many amenities other than a partition window and a small bar. Modern limos, by contrast, can have virtually any amenity you would like, be that restrooms, video games consoles, wet bars, custom upholstery, blinking lights, and so on.

Comparing classic and modern limos can be a little big difficult if you want to use your comparison to decide which one of the two is best. This is because both have tremendous pros and cons, and it is all down to what your personal wishes and desires are. Both types of limos, however, are comfortable, charming, and make a real statement of luxury, so you can know that you will not make the wrong choice either way.