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Discover A Whole New World In Florida This Winter


If you’re thinking of packing your bags this winter and heading off somewhere warm and wonderful you might  be trying to think of the best places that are family friendly. There’s no place that seems to be more family friendly in warm locales within the United States than Florida. With so much to see and do for adults and kids alike, it’s easy to see why Florida is one of the hottest places, not just in temperature either!

Discovery Cove Orlando

This is one of the best places for kids and adults alike to get up close and personal with all manner of marine life. Discovery Cove is a sister resort to SeaWorld and features all inclusive day packages which include all your drinks, meals and snacks. This definitely isn’t just another touch tank at your local aquarium, especially when you can swim with bottlenose dolphins, snorkel with tropical fishes and more. Visit the shark lagoon and check out huge sting rays and tigerfish behind protective glass. If you’re bored of fish, check out the aviary where there are all manner of tropical birds, free-flying around the enclosure. You can go to Discovery Cove with advance tickets that can be bought online, making it an easy addition to any trip. A must for anyone coming to the Orlando area, with or without children.

Disney World Florida

Perhaps the most famous theme park in the world, Disney World Florida brings the imagination of Disney to life through its costumed characters and rides themed after its numerous movies. Pose for pictures with the likes of Mulan and Cinderella and you can even book a breakfast with Mickey Mouse. This is the perfect place for kids, but adults can have their fun too. Featuring a number of exclusive luxury resorts and hotels, the Disney World Florida park is ideal for adults who want to get away and play for a while. Be sure to stroll the streets of some of the towns from your favourite films and don’t forget to check out the fireworks every night over the Cinderella castle, perhaps the biggest feature of the park.

Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Centre

An ideal stop for anyone from ages 8 to 80 who have a special interest in space, space travel and space exploration. Book your tours to coincide with a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral and be sure to stroll through the gardens of the Kennedy Space Centre where there are old pieces of rocket parts that tell the story of the United States’ history of space exploration, including pieces of the Apollo V rockets that took the first men to the moon. Check out some of the truly unique displays within the centre, including Buzz Aldrin’s own space suit, still covered in moondust.

So if you’re looking for sunshine this fall and winter but don’t want to go too drastically far, consider Florida for your fun-filled, winter getaway. With warmer temperatures and so much to do, you won’t have to think twice about adding this wonderful state to your shortlist.