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European Road Trip Checklist For An Epic Summer


When it comes to road trips, one of the most unique and exciting continents is definitely Europe. With so many countries to explore, things to see and do as well as cultures to experience, it’s easy to see why Europe is frequently a favourite amongst people from around the world. So what about exploring Europe by road? Is it feasible, safe and enjoyable? The short answer to all of these is a resounding ‘yes’, and it’s much more popular than you may think! But where to begin, and how should you prepare? Here is a checklist for anyone hoping to take advantage of #RoadTripsOfEurope.

Choose Your Route

Routes for road trips through Europe are numerous and can include only one or two countries or multitudes of different ones. You can even do themed road trips such as stopping off at important sites of World War II or doing a trip through the wine regions of France, Germany and Italy as two options that pique people’s interests. Whichever route you choose, be sure to factor in a night or two in top destination cities and towns for the ultimate experience and to take some time off from the open road. A night or two would be perfect to allow you to get into the back streets and explore local places you’ve never seen before.

Get Your Vehicle Roadworthy

One of the main things you need to do in advance of a journey by road of any length is to get your car roadworthy and have it checked over to ensure there won’t be any nasty surprises waiting in the wings or along the side of the Autobahn enroute to your next destination. A quick trip to the likes of Kwik Fit is an ideal way to make sure your car isn’t just in tip top shape but also to make sure that you can relax and rest easy knowing that your car will get you where you’re going without any hassle or issues.

Pack Your Bags

Road trips require a certain level of preparedness when it comes to packing. Be sure to take not just your immediate  needs, but also pack a bit of an emergency kit just in case you do run into any snafus along the way. Be sure to pack a blanket/blankets, at least a day’s worth of water, food/snacks and an extra battery pack for your mobile phone. Of course for those long stretches of road you might need a snack or two as well, so be sure to pack enough to last you on those long, lonely stretches when the munchies hit.

Most of all, on any road trip anywhere, be sure to have a bucket of fun. Road trips are great ways to get out and see the world with a couple of your best friends, so make sure you take advantage of this great option for summer getaways this year. So invite your buddies around, break out a map and start planning the ultimate friends getaway of the summer!