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Getting Your Car Road Worthy For Road Trips


With Christmas out of the way and spring well and truly on its way it’s coming up time to start thinking about those getaways for the spring half term, and maybe even summer. If you’re like millions of Britons, this is the year of the staycation with prices rising on the mainland and British holidays offering more in terms of choice, style and class. So what are your options for staycations in the UK? For one thing, roadtrips aren’t just for great swathes of road like in North America anymore! Many Britons across the UK are getting in on the road trip action. For those of you who are new to the world of road trips, here are some great tips on keeping your car healthy as well as which routes you need to check out in our own backyard!

Road Worthy

Car health in general is extremely important when you’re setting off on your great adventure by car. Since the car is the one thing you will be relying on to get from A to B and beyond, it’s integral to the success of your trip that the vehicle be in its optimum shape. Have a look over the typical workings, check the oil, tyre pressure and more. If you aren’t sure of something, be sure to take it in to a mechanic to have a look over for you to make sure you aren’t missing anything. Things like brakes and the engine are two seriously important aspects but tyres are as well – especially if you’re going on certain routes!

Tyre Time

Getting new tyres in time for your epic road trip can sound like a time consuming pain, but TyrePlus not only offers a whole array of tyres for your trip but also can come and do a mobile tyre change! This saves you some serious time when you’re trying to get ready for that road trip of a lifetime! Not only is it important to consider your tyres when you’re heading out somewhere on a road trip but it’s also important to make sure you’re going with the right tyres. Going off on rocky, difficult terrain with tyres more suited to city driving can cause irreversible damage and early retirement for your tyres. Better just to get some that are specifically made for off road style driving, right?

Ultimate Roads

There are a whole host of routes you could take for a truly great getaway but two of the UK’s best that may need some serious traction for your tyres include the loop around the Yorkshire Dales through Grassington, around York and Leeds and through some of the backcountry lanes normally frequented by sheep. These rugged roads will not only provide some seriously gorgeous views but also perfect points to stop for a cuppa. The other route is the Evo Triangle in North Wales, a route that is normally used as a test drive route for cars due to its challenging terrain. This route takes you around some of the most picturesque regions of the area and is a perfect 20 mile route for any road trip vacation through this stunning countryside.

So if you’re looking for the perfect getaway for spring and summer, consider a road trip. You honestly won’t regret taking off for the unknown in your car with some great friends and great tunes. Try it this year – what are you waiting for?