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How to Pack Smart for Business Travel


If you’re a frequent business traveler, you may find yourself wondering how you can pack in a way that’s efficient and manageable, yet still gives you all the things you need while you’re away.

Packing for business trips can be tricky, particularly when you do it often because you probably have to resist the urge to overpack so you can give yourself the feeling of home when you’re in hotels, but you also need to be expedient as you’re moving through airports and getting ground transportation.

Below are some smart packing tips that can help you bring the things that will keep you in your routine, without bogging you down with too much luggage.

Try to Pack Without Checking Luggage

If you can manage it, one of your number one goals when traveling for business should be avoiding checked baggage. Checked baggage can not only hold you up at the airport, but it can also mean the likelihood of lost luggage becomes a very real possibility. Losing luggage for a pleasure trip is bad enough, but if you have a full schedule of meetings and no clothes, it’s even worse.

Keep a Neutral Work Wardrobe for Travel

You want to limit your items as much as possible when you’re traveling for work, so try to plan for this when you buy clothes. Keep a neutral color palette, and select items like basic black suits as much as possible. Black gives you opportunities to mix up your shirts or accessories, but you have a solid foundation for your wardrobe while you’re away for work.

Plan Ahead

The more you can plan ahead, the easier it will be to pack. First, check the weather right before you pack for your destination. Also, be sure you know how should dress for the events and meetings you’re scheduled for. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, make sure you know what their standards for business attire are. If you’re traveling domestically, you might want to contact the office where you’ll be going and ask the administrative assistant for any suggestions or a rundown of where you’ll be expected.

Bring Certain Items From Home

Yes, you want to be minimal with your packing for a business trip, but if you’re frequently gone you also want to keep your routine as similar as you can to what you would do at home. If you love using your electric toothbrush or you have a particular type of facial lotion you use, make room to bring them along.

It’s the little things that can keep you feeling relaxed and more at ease when you’re a business traveler. When you can keep at least a bit of your routine, you’ll be more likely to feel prepared to tackle whatever your trip throws your way.

The Details

Once you’ve planned everything accordingly, when you actually start the process of packing your bag, put the heaviest items at the bottom. This will provide a sense of balance and will keep the lighter pieces of clothing from getting wrinkled.

You can also keep your clothes in their plastic dry cleaning bags to further prevent wrinkles, and make sure you fill the space in your shoes with anything that will fit, from underwear to toiletries.

Once you have a routine down, packing for a business trip will get easier and will become like second nature.