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How to Plan an Affordable Family Vacation


No one sets out to take expensive family vacations, but that’s the way family holidays usually work out! Whether you’re planning a holiday with your family domestically or abroad, it’s possible to have a great time and not break the bank in the process, so what follows are four helpful points for you to consider when planning your next family holiday.

Start Planning Your Vacation Early

The more time you have to plan and arrange your family holiday the better. If you have the flexibility and can choose the time of year in which you’ll travel, avoiding peak seasons at your destination is the best way to save money on accommodation, car hire, sightseeing, tours and so much more, so try to travel at times of the year that others aren’t taking their vacations. This isn’t always possible, but if you can it’s an excellent way to save money.

Hire a Car Instead of Joining Tours

The cost of tours can really add up when travelling as a family. This can make car hire an excellent option, depending on your destination, but as many families have found out, with the exception of the information that a guide can provide, you’re often not missing out on anything and you can take your time and see the sights at your own pace when you hire a car from

What’s more, since you won’t be reliant on public transport as you’ll have your own set of wheels, you’re also empowered to stay outside of the main tourist hubs which can also save you money on accommodation.

Source Cheap Accommodation

Wherever in the world you’re travelling, from beautiful Western Australia to the Canary Islands, you’ll find that there are some excellent cheap accommodation options awaiting you if you have a rental car. Accommodation tends to be significantly more expensive in tourist hubs than it is in local spots, so by hiring a car you’ll be increasing your accommodation options which enables you to source more affordable accommodations for you and your family.

Furthermore, as dining also tends to be cheaper in local areas than teeming tourist hubs, you’ll be saving money on meals as well.

Eat with the Locals

A lot is made of ‘local experiences’ when travelling and by hiring a car and staying in local areas over tourist hubs you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy more local experiences, starting by eating at local spots and paying local prices. As so much of most families’ travel budgets tends to get spent on meals, snacks and drinks, that’s a great way to reduce the overall costs of your next family holiday!

To sum things up, it’s possible to take an affordable vacation with the family by planning your vacation in advance, holidaying at non-peak times, and staying and dining locally. However, if you’re to increase your lodging and dining options and take advantage of local prices, you’ll need to hire a car, which also enables you and your family to avoid tours and see the sights at your own pace!