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Money-Saving Travel Tips

Summertime is here, which means it’s vacation season. Other than the holidays, this is the most traveled time of the year, and it’s one that most people take the time to make the most of. As the warm weather approaches, many people let that excitement take over and end up spending far too much during Summer festivals and travel. If you want to make sure that you stay frugal this Summer while still having a great time during your travels, here are some great travel tips without breaking the bank.

The first thing you should do before you travel is to make sure that you’re planning everything out and doing as much research as you can about the prices of things, as well as where to save money and things that you can do. This is incredibly important when it comes to saving money, and if you do the right research, especially for things like transportation and hotels, you’ll end up making much more money in the long run.  Hostels and apartment sharing websites have excellent rates and if you’re up for it, it could be s great way to save a ton of money while you’re traveling.

The next thing you should do to save money while you’re traveling is to learn more about the culture of the place you’re going to be traveling to. Many countries around the world are used to haggling for prices and charge more for tourist that don’t seem to know this rule. Make sure that you do your research, though, and you’ll more than likely have more luck if you also speak the language. Doing your research beforehand and knowing where to go when you’re looking for great places to eat and stay is an excellent idea. Look up reviews and suggestions on multiple websites so you have a deeper insight that just the normal recommendations.

The next thing you should is to think about where you’re spending your money and plan for that. Budget out your money for each day of your travels and only spend a certain amount for each category of things. This is important because while you’re traveling it’s easy to eat out constantly and spend way more than you previously expected to spend. It’s important to make sure that you know how much you’ll be spending. The best way to cut down on travel costs is to spend less on food. Many times when we travel we can either cook our on food if we are staying in the right places or eat very cheaply. Whatever you decide you’ll be able to save a ton of money over going to tourist restaurants that charge a ton of money.

Instead of spending a ton of money on lackluster tourist sights when you travel, it may be a good idea to invest a lot less money on trying out a sport or doing something that you actually want to do. Barefoot waterskiing is a fairly new sport that’s actually incredibly fun, especially for Summer. If you’re looking to get into this sport during your travels this Summer, check out this video made by the national champion Kevin St. Onges where he shows you how to do the Surface Hop barefooting trick. Not only is this an incredibly fun activity for the whole family while you’re on vacation, but you don’t need that many supplies, and you’ll be able to keep up with your physical exercise while you’re away on vacation. Double win!