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Must-Pack Things for a Vietnam Trip

If you are an enthusiastic traveler, there is one place you are likely to find yourself visiting: Vietnam. Well, that should be because there is a lot to see. The nature, culture, and history of Vietnam are simply breathtaking. Also, it is among the few worthy destinations where you do not have to break a bank to be.

As usual, to get maximum enjoyment, you must be prepared. Once you secure your Vietnam Visa and book your flight, you should ensure you have everything you need for the Southeast Asian trip. Here is what you must carry.

1. A light towel

You are usually advised to travel light. With that, most travelers eliminate towels from their packing lists, as they are generally bulky. When visiting Vietnam, a towel is one of the things you will need. Most hotels do not provide towels for free. Having your own will save you a low hassle. Also, it gets wet in Vietnam, and you will need it for drying off in case you get caught up in the rain.

2. Conservative clothes

Vietnamese architecture is to die for. One of the areas that will move you are the pagodas and temples. However, you need to note that unless you are wearing garments below the knees and having your shoulders covered, you will not be granted access.

Carry appropriate clothing if you want to turn every rock in Vietnam. Also, it gets uncomfortably hot in Vietnam. Be mindful of the kind of fabric you wear. Wool and heavy cotton would not be a good idea. Breathable fabrics like nylon and polyester are ideal.

3. Mosquito repellant and cortisone cream

Dengue fever and malaria are prevalent in Vietnam. This is because wet areas provide the best habitat for mosquitoes carrying the two illnesses. Having a mosquito repellant will keep you safe from mosquito bites, which will lead to different diseases.

Cortisone cream will also help you ward off infections in case you get a bite. Taking antimalarials before leaving. Extra precautions such as sleeping in treated mosquito nets will go a long way in protecting you from mosquito-borne illnesses.

4. A travel pillow and earmuffs

Once you land in Vietnam, visiting the countryside is one thing you cannot avoid. Note that trips across the country are going to take hours. The pillows and earmuffs should be able to enhance your experience. You will want to rest or sleep throughout the journey. A travel pillow will give you comfort that can make you forget that you are on a bus. Also, since you will be traveling with many people, it can get noisy. Earmuffs are for noise control and will help you get rid of distractions.

The rule of the thumb while traveling is never to leave your camera behind. There are tons of scenes you will want memories of. A camera will do the job. Interact with the locals to make the most out of your trip and uncover destinations in the country that are not so familiar to many.