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Pismo Beach Profile


Many people regularly ask me what life is like here in Pismo Beach and I thought I would finally get around to putting an article together based on why I came here, how I make my money and what I like to get up to in my spare time. I also thought I would say a few words about why I love Psimo Beach so much.

Why I Came?

I originally came here from Nampa, Idaho where I worked on my parents farm for many years, around 5 years ago, a college buddy of mine Bennett Kireker asked me to join him in a venture which would see us selling agriculture equipment across the states, or at least that was the plan. We started off small, just working with a few particular models of machinery and selling locally. Things went pretty well as time went on, we branched out, managed to make a Japanese contact and took our business national. Following our success we moved the business down here to Pismo  and I have never looked back, this life is certainly better than the potato fields back home!

Why I Love It

The main reason I love Pismo Beach so much is that for me, it really encapsulates that laid-back California attitude. I work hard but I also love to relax and this place is the perfect place to do so. I like the fact that this area of CA isn’t packed with tourists all year around and there is lots of quiet spaces that can be found throughout the region. Naturally, as someone coming from Idaho, I love to be so close to the sea and my wife and I regularly take walks along the beach with our dalmatian Ruddy. I love to have some adventure in my life as well and there are many activity and sports clubs around here of which I am a member, this means that I can get my kicks, work hard and relax all in a small area of land.

Spare Time

My two big loves are hand gliding and playing VR games, if I am especially lucky then I will play my hand gliding VR game!! There are lots of spots around Pismo where I can take my hand glider out and there is also a club where I am a member along with many, many others.

I have always had a love for technology and my latest VR machine is without question the best thing that I have ever bought, I have a range of games and it is my ultimate way to relax after a long day at the office.

Other than that I like to cook for the family, when there is time of course, and I love nothing more than sitting out on the deck with my grandchildren and watching the huge waves lapping against the beach. Life here is beautiful and relaxed, the perfect combination.