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San Francisco – A West Coast Treasure

San Francisco, CA, USA


If you’re planning a trip somewhere in on the west coast of the United States but you aren’t sure where you should head, why not check out the Bay Area and the city of San Francisco. This is a fantastic place for those looking to enjoy a bit of metropolitan atmosphere while getting the most out of the outdoors – with San Fran being within a short drive from all sorts of wonderful nature reserves as well as within excellent travelling distance to other fantastic areas within California – and further afield.

San Francisco – A City Beyond Words

The city of San Francisco is a beautiful first stop on any trip through California – featuring not just the famed Golden Gate Bridge, but numerous other fantastic and picturesque locales to check out on your way through, whether it’s for a day or a week or more. With historical architecture amongst its hilly neighbourhoods and downtown core to the famed island of Alcatraz, the city of San Francisco features a number of things to see and do. Chinatown, the Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate, Russian Hill and Haight are just a few of the neighbourhoods you will find in this bustling and eclectic city, catering to almost every taste and interest on the market. If shopping and restaurants aren’t your thing, the correctly timed visit can see you taking in a great ball game, as the SoMa neighbourhood (South of Market) is home to the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

San Fran – Getting around

It can seem a bit daunting when you plan your trip to San Francisco on how is best to get around exactly – especially considering this is a city with so many districts and neighbourhoods built into one small area, but it can be a lot easier than you think! There are a number of fantastically serviced bus routes, not to mention great options surrounding airport transfers as well as transfers around the city and beyond. Some such car options include the internationally acclaimed BlackLane, a prestigious and affordable car company which puts their customer first and includes a complimentary 60 minute wait time at the airport, alongside professional and helpful local drivers. Their all inclusive rates additionally mean that you won’t be left scrambling for change at toll roads or bridges – their fee includes all these potentially hidden extras. Not only that, but they are a reliable and affordable alternative to taxis which can be somewhat unreliable.

A Quick Word…

On getting out of town! San Francisco is within easy driving (or bus) distance of other great cities in California such as Los Angeles and Sacramento, not to mention a few great national parks, and even the state of Nevada. So if you’re coming from a ways away, San Francisco is a great first stop on your trip around the area, and is a wonderful introduction to all California has on offer!

So there you have a few great reasons why visiting San Francisco is one of the best options on your Californian adventure and why you won’t regret stopping off in this vibrant city.