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The Traditional Full English Breakfast


The traditional full English breakfast is one of the most known breakfast around the world, and the term “full” comes from the fact that this breakfast is full of different food stuffs and accompaniments.  The traditional English breakfast is considered as a national institution due to its popularity around the world. Even when travelling to another part of the world, you will most probably find this British dish in the menus of restaurants, pubs, diners and cafés.

Call it a fry up, the Full Monty, the Full English, or by any other name, the traditional English breakfast has always been made up of some bare essentials such as bacons, fried eggs,  sausages, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, a slice of black pudding, and fried bread. This is often accompanied by hot buttered toast and tea or coffee. This dish dates back to the middle age, when there were only two meals a day, namely breakfast and dinner.

By Victorian time, breakfast was considered as an important part of house parties, hunts and shooting parties. This was often served by the gentry and nobility, and it was a leisurely affair with numerous glass and silverware on to impress the guests. At that time, newspapers were also available for the guests and family to catch up on the latest news while having their lavish breakfast, and today this is still a common practice which is socially acceptable.

A hearty fry up meal during the 1950s industrial revolution was a must by most of the working classes, as they had long hours of work in the factories and also did punishing physical labour. The good old English fry-up was indeed what they needed to keep them going. Almost half of the adult population of Britain in the late 50s started their day with a traditional full English breakfast.

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In our actual health conscious world, a traditional full English breakfast may be considered as an unhealthy way to start the day, but quite a few experts maintain that such a meal in the morning can boost the metabolism, and it can be healthy if the food is grilled rather than fried. The popularity of the fry-up has remained as it was in the past, and this is not just because of its good taste, but mostly because it has been around for centuries and still enjoyed the same way as during the Victorian era. It may be impractical to have a full English breakfast daily for working people, but during