Traveling with kids can seem stressful and downright scary if you imagine dragging a huge luggage on one hand and trying to calm a screaming child with the other. The best way to relax and make the whole experience enjoyable for everyone is prepare adequately.

The kids are also likely to be excited on the night of the trip which might work against you on the day of travel as they are likely to be sleep deprived and tired and all the other horrible things that happen to the human body when they don’t get adequate sleep. To avoid this, put them to bed earlier than usual so they are well rested for long journey.

Below are essential tips for traveling with kids.

Prepare adequately

It is never too early to start planning for the trip. Book your hotel accommodations at least three months prior to your date of travel. This saves on costs and the inconveniences of last minute rush. If you are travel as a whole family, you might consider renting an apartment which would cost less and is more suitable for family setups.

A budget will also come in handy when traveling with children as it will help you plan your spending to ensure you have enough money for extra expenses and enough remaining to take you through the following month. This also entails packing enough clothes bearing in mind the climate of your destination while still keeping your luggage small and manageable.

Use backpacks when packing

Handbags can be burdensome when you have kids that you may need after from time to time. Instead opt for a backpack which is much easier to carry around and can also hold more than a handbag of the same size.

Backpacks free up your hands so you can hold your children’s hands comfortably and attend to them.


You can’t choose when your children fall sick which might be at the inopportune time of your travel. You should therefore pack their medicines and have a basic first aid kit in your packing list.

If you can afford it, take up a travel insurance cover. This will come handy in offsetting your medical bills should anyone get sick during the course of your travels. Travel insurance also covers lost luggage theft and other incidents you may encounter while traveling.

Safety tips

Keeping your children safe is important regardless of the means of travel. You should make your older children memorize your phone number which will come in handy should they get lost for whatever reason. For the younger ones, give them a wristband with your contacts or simply place a piece of paper with it in their pockets.

When driving, you should obey all the traffic rules. If you are hiring a truck or an RV, you may want to watch Diesel Truck Videos on how best to control heavier vehicles especially if you are used to driving lighter cars.

If you are flying, then get all your travel documents in order and get to the airport in good time. The last thing you want is to rush through the airport while dragging your kids because you are late.