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Top 5 Unique Travel Destinations For 2017




As travel becomes more and more accessible to people across the world, travellers begin to demand more and more exotic, compelling, mind blowing experiences to rival those that have gone before. Seen almost as a competition in some circles to see who can go to the most crazy, unique place, seasoned travellers are beginning to explore wider swathes of the world that don’t always have a well worn tourist path. Read ahead to see five unique travel destinations for 2017, and pack your back for some fun in the sun… or snow.


For seasoned travellers the thought of the tourist trail might seem a bit overly cautious or even boring. The tried and tested, the done and dusted destinations don’t hold the same draw they used to, especially if they have started to become overly tourist-laden now that the word is out about these great places that are prime for anyone. With that in mind, one of the up and coming locations this year is Israel. With deeply historic locations such as the city of Tel Aviv you can explore the hidden history of the city alongside luxury hotels and spas with a whole array of different bars, restaurants and shops as well. Tours available to other parts of the country such as Jersusalem are available as well, so your options are honestly limitless.

The beaches in Israel are unrivalled in their unique beauty, with luscious sand and rocky outcrops set against a city backdrop. With long stretches of sand that are quiet, you can find your own little slice of Israel. Sound like a plan? Check out these great flights to Tel Aviv and get those bags packed. Israel is your destination for fun in the sun for much less than other beach destinations!


Most people don’t know about Georgia, and if they think they do, they usually assume it’s the American state of Georgia. Nothing could be further from the truth. The birthplace of Joseph Stalin, and scattered with incredible scenery and friendly, welcoming people as well as a wine heritage that spans nearly seven thousand years, Georgia is an up and coming destination that is quite removed from the beaten trail. It comprises of the beach region along the eastern shore of the Black Sea, mountains to the south and north and rolling hills throughout. With quaint villages and quirky cities to explore as well as being a mecca for mountaineers, Georgia has a little something for everyone. It’s also extremely affordable!


With a number of the sanctions by the US taken off Cuba, it’s opening up fast to travellers from the States, as well as beyond. It’s been a hot spot in recent years for travellers from Europe as well as Canada, but it’s becoming a bit more on the map now that larger North American chain hotels will get in there, so expect it to become a fast favourite among travellers. If you’re looking for off the beaten trail, Cuba has it. Remember the further you venture off the the beaten, the more essential it will be to learn the local language with a company like Zorro Spanish in order to avoid any inconveniences with the language barrier.Hitch your way across the island (it’s legal and encouraged here!) and check out the Sierra Maestra Mountains – the birthplace of Fidel Castro’s eventual revolution. Hotels for the moment are more expensive (and slightly rare) outside of tourist-focused areas, and Casa Particulaires are prominent. Private homes that have been given the green light to accept visitors, these are a great way to get behind the scenes throughout Cuba.


China’s always attracted tourists to its strange and wonderful sites such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and other curious sites, but with more tourists heading off the beaten trail, China is a traveller’s mecca. The western parts of China as well as some of the southern parts around Guangzhuou and Yunnan province offer up the most beautiful and idyllic spots set amid karst limestone mountains and lush greenery with tiny villages dotted in terraced hillsides. Perfect for discerning travellers looking for something fresh!


Seemingly the most out of this world trip you could go on, more and more people are taking the icy plunge so to speak and heading to the bottom of the world on cruises and various other types of trips to check out the continent of Antarctica. Accessible from Argentina or Chile, this mysterious and vast ice pack is beginning to draw tourists like flies. While there’s not much to do on the ice, simply seeing it and experiencing stepping foot on the last continent on Earth is a privilege and an experience in itself. Most cruises will offer various activities such as ice climbing, camping on the ice overnight (what an experience!) and penguin safaris.

So as you can see there are a number of amazing up and coming places to set sail to this year. With tourism becoming a bigger focus for some of the countries on this list it will come to be that they are more accessible to both the hardy, seasoned traveller and the first-timer tourists. So pack your bags and get your passport – the world awaits.