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Top Island Getaways You Need To Try

Source: Julius Silver on Pixabay

We all know that the ultimate getaway usually has something to do with whiling away the hours on some exotic island with nothing but a margarita in hand and the sun on your face. Why not? Island life is different to life on the mainland – time seems to slow down and if you have a cheeky liquid lunch no one seems to bat an eye. Islands are the epitome of relaxation and when you couple that with history, great sightseeing, watersport and more, you have the perfect recipe for the ultimate in holiday getaway. Check out this short guide to some of earth’s best island destinations for you to choose for your next beachy holiday.

Florida Keys

The perfect island getaway for those who live in North America but are on a bit of a budget. Not only are the Keys beautiful, but you can access them by car via a long highway that links them up. There are a number of islands throughout the Keys that can be visited, with a range of accommodation options to fit most budgets. On a special getaway? No worries – there’s adult only resorts as well so you won’t be disturbed by children running around the hallways and the like. To get to the Keys, book a cheap flight to the likes of Orlando or Miami and drive down. 


One of the most sought after islands for those looking for the perfect getaway, Cuba is a unique place with a rich culture and history that really gets people going. Whether you want to salsa the night away on a resort beach or rent a car and explore the whole country on your own, not only is Cuba welcoming and beautiful, but safe too. For a more authentic experience, try staying in a Casa Particulaire – a homestay with locals that will ensure all your needs are met. Nervous traveller? No worries. Check out the popular resort town of Montego Bay where you will be sure to find a resort that fits your style. If you’re into history, this will be a treat for you as well – tours can be arranged out to the Sierra Maestra mountains to visit the hideouts of Fidel Castro and his communist rebels, a truly unique experience. If that doesn’t cut it, why not head to one of Cuba’s many tobacco farms to have a try at rolling your own Cuban cigar before travelling to Santiago de Cuba for its vibrant nightlife and popular carnivale festivals.


When it comes to islands, Greece does it right. With dozens of islands to choose from, Greece is probably one of the most prolific island destinations on earth. Whether you want a mix of culture, tradition and beach on Corfu or you’re interested in the Minoan history on Crete, every island in Greece has a little something to offer everyone. With some of the smaller islands, the nightlife is a big scene – Zante, Rhodes, Kos and Mykonos are some of the most popular party islands for the old and young alike. For quieter, more exclusive holidays that focus on scenery, culture, food and wine, check out the likes of the exquisite Santorini or the stunning Kefalonia.


Thailand, like Greece is also known for its beautiful islands with a whole host of activities and beautiful scenery to take in. Whether you’re looking for a party or something more low key, you’re sure to find it in Thailand. Islands like Koh Phanag, Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao are a bit heavier on the parties in some spots, but quieter areas exist if you put in some effort. One of the better low key islands though is Koh Lanta near Krabi, with quieter beach parties and a more relaxed night life that doesn’t get too over the top. It’s easy to go island hopping around Thailand with various tour companies that organise different excursions. Snorkelling and diving are two of the most popular options for visitors to Thailand with its crystal clear waters and abundant marine life, so don’t forget your swimsuit!

Whatever your fancy when it comes to island getaways, you’re sure to enjoy one of the destinations mentioned above. With so many islands strewn across the world, there’s an almost limitless supply of great destinations to choose from. Where will you choose? With Justfly you can go almost anywhere you desire – for less, so what are you waiting for?