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Travel Prep Suggestions – Bet You Didn’t Think Of These!


When you’re heading off for a trip abroad you might have a great idea of things you definitely need to take care of before you go in terms of things to take with you, things to tie up before you leave and the like. But what about those things that can slip through the preparation net? Things you might want to make a list of in order to make sure you don’t forget? Well we’re here to help with a suggestion of some things you might want to add to that list.

Sun Cream

This might sound like a no brainer – heading somewhere sunny? Sun cream is needed! Okay, even if you aren’t heading off to a beach destination you may want to pack some sun cream too. Skiing for example is a really good way to get a sunburn on your face with the UVA and UVB rays reflecting off the snow. Not only that, but sun cream at your destination can sometimes be MORE expensive than at home, so it’s a great plan to take it with you. You can often get it in airport shops after security, so if you forget, never fear, although you will likely pay a bit of a premium for it there as well.

Comprehensive First Aid Kit

This should include things like standard plasters, maybe some gauze for nastier cuts, scissors, alcohol wipes (or a bottle, but wipes are better for travelling), and some of your classic medication such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and the like. The more comprehensive a medical kit is, the better and you can rest easy knowing you have access to various things for bumps, scrapes and cuts without needing to seek them out.


Preparing your medicines in advance is another great thing to do. If you take any kind of medication for anything from heart problems to birth control and beyond, speaking to your doctor in advance of your trip to organise a longer supply of your necessary prescriptions. Remember that while some medicines can be available over the counter in some countries they may not be the same standard of quality as those from your trusted doctor and pharmacist. Likewise, some simple medicines aren’t available off the shelf in some countries and you need to speak to a pharmacist to get them – ibuprofen being one such controlled medication particularly in some European countries.

Subscriptions To Online Services

If you want to stay in the know with some online services, consider getting your subscriptions to various things sorted out so you can keep up with them online. You can buy USA powerball tickets online so that you don’t need to be in the country to keep up with your numbers in the draw each week, which is a great way to stay in it to win it. Other online subscriptions can include Netflix and Amazon Prime so that you can still take advantage of these services while you’re away.

So if you’re heading out soon, consider taking these ideas into consideration. The last thing you want is to get caught off guard by something when you’re abroad, so going prepared is the best course of action. Enjoy!