Why would anyone go abroad alone? - The Smiling Heart

Why would anyone go abroad alone?

Our world is a pretty awesome place…

The vast array of landscapes, people and cultures, so many things to do, see and try.

So, what do you do if you plan on sampling some of the amazing things our world has to offer, if you’re on your own?

Whether it’s through choice or circumstance, in this day and age there shouldn’t be any issue with you going it alone, right? Absolutely not!! It is estimated that almost a third of Britons will venture off on holiday by themselves this year alone!

So what reasons might be behind someone wanting to go abroad on a singles holiday? 

Single, divorced, widowed – these categories form a quarter of the adult population, add into the mix the percentage of people with partners can’t or won’t travel with them for whatever reasons, and you’re left with a large quantity of individuals looking to have their holidaying needs satisfied.

It’s all about you!

Going abroad alone gives you total control over your trip. Where and when you eat, what you see and do, or don’t do, it’s entirely up to you. That’s got to be liberating, right? Partaking in excursions without having to factor someone else’s interests or enjoyment into the equation. Equally, if you take a wrong turn or sample some less than enjoyable grub, it’s only your day you’ve spoilt, or your lesson to learn from. No extra added guilt needed here folks!

Keep your wits about you.

Revel in the opportunity to engage in conversations with complete strangers, or meet like-minded people – that must be refreshing these days! However, it is important to remember not to let yourself appear too vulnerable. Going solo leaves you without anyone to watch your back and so single travellers need to remain quite savvy. Keep your valuables safe, don’t draw attention to yourself too much, you just have to be a little bit more aware than normal.

Get on board.

Holiday companies are beginning to cater specifically for these people, yippee! Creating packages where everyone is in the same boat (pardon the pun). Meaning that the single adventurer doesn’t wind up on a coach full of couples feeling like the world’s biggest third wheel.

Some companies merge together specific groups according to age, gender or interests. This will ensure that your sweet little gran isn’t going to be on a tour with a bus load of male twenty-year-olds. Unless that’s the exact holiday she is going for of course. If you’d rather travel with other females this is completely achievable, so do your homework, spend time searching to find the company that’s right for you and your needs because it is out there.

Be your own company or make new friends. Embrace the independence and enjoy taking the time to think about, well, anything really!