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Why You Should Choose a Vacation Rental Over A Hotel


Over the course of the last 15 ears or so, more and more people have changed the way in which they book accommodation when they go away on vacation. In the past, hotels were king, occasionally you could find a privately rented apartment to stay in but more often than not, these were owned by hotels too. Brian Ferdinand, real estate and vacation rentals guru told us that since the boom of the sharing economy and the private buying up of apartments in holiday hotspots, vacation rentals have grown increasingly in popularity. With supporting websites such as AirBnb reaching dizzying heights of success, hotels are not seeing the numbers that they once were.

Today we are going to look at why you should choose a vacation rental over a hotel and  what benefits it will give you.

More Personal

One of the biggest charms that a vacation rental has is in its character and its personality, something which is difficult to find in hotels which are often very dull and pragmatic. When you take on a vacation rental you will more often than not be staying in someone’s home and a property that has been decorated as such, this gives your acclamation a personal touch that can help you feel much more comfortable during your stay.

Child and Pet Friendly

Whilst many hotels do cater for children, there are few which cater for pets, or both, when you search for a vacation rental you will be able to find places which are geared up for children and pets. Even for parents who want their children to enjoy themselves, child-friendly hotels can be incredibly frustrating, noisy and raucous which can prevent you from enjoying your stay as much as you should. With a carefully selected vacation rental you could stay in a place that the kids will adore and where you can relax as well.

More Privacy

When you rent a vacation property, it is your own personal home for he duration of your stay, this means that you will guarantee yourself ultimate privacy should you need it. Hotels may be private regarding rooms, but eating in the restaurant, relaxing by the pool or drinking in the bar is a very public affair and you may not always want to be surrounded by strangers. If it is privacy that you are after then a vacation rental is what you should be looking at.


You can of course find cheap hotels wherever you go but if you measure the standard of the property versus the price, you will find that a vacation rental offers you a far cheaper option. If you are going away in a group or with your family then a vacation rental makes perfect sense, you and your group can stay in your own corners of a beautiful vacation rental, perhaps with your own pool and enjoy the best of each others company without being surrounded by noise and strangers.